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All The Verve In One Place W/ Dani Greenfield. ​

Welcome During This Time of Concern for our communities, our neighbors, our country. I offer hope and healing during this Covid-19 outbreak.  I am here for each and everyone of you. How can I help? 

April 8th, 2020 

All the VERVE in One Place.

Today’s Service is :


“If It Fits…It Goes.” And "Proceed As If Success Is Inevitable"


Welcome to Bluesyvoss LLC my pride and joy!

During this time of coming together to fight the virus I wanted to say that I am here for each of you in any way that I might be of service. Helping you to get through this is my top priority.

“So glad you could sit and join me for this little time and space”

My name is Dani Greenfield and I am a long time resident in the Tampa area, entrepreneur extraordinaire just one example being the RoadWarrior Service which is the featured service to introduce my new blog.. In this first edition of the blog you will find the general link to the main website and then be able to navigate as you see the services you are interested in.

“I love what I do while being of service to people brings me great joy, pride and excitement”.

I would like to introduce you all to my services both in person and online. Join me each week here for new blogs filled with all kinds of valued information updates, monthly specials, and time saving tips for you.

 Being a member of the blog brings its own rewards. Join me weekly for BLUE BLOG “ALL THE VERVE IN ONE PLACE”.


Please know that I am a professional with many years of experience and customer service. Putting my clients satisfaction above everything else. 


I am a warrior in these next coming weeks so Let me help take the pressure and stress of going out and about and let me handle the burden.

I am here for you in every way possible with my elite transportation service during the outbreak of the Covid-19.

 I will help with errands, pick-up groceries and deliver to your doorstep. I am able to pick up medical items, prescriptions. Drop off packages, help with doctors visits if needed during this time.

 I am here to help remove the clutter if you have been Spring cleaning and need some removal of items let me know when and where?. 

Transportation to just about anywhere and at any time is available. I will be abiding by CDC standards when it comes to handling your items.

In better times I offer fun in the sun:

I am a top tour guide for the local Tampa Bay and people know me from Miami to Gainesville FL. 

I offer a top notch vehicle that puts safety first. I am able to hold infant carriers as well as toddler seats. For a day, or a week or more and I will provide the best tours of the area that will fit any budget and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for joining me STAY SAFE and know you have a Warrior at your back.


 All About the Verve

Host Dani Greenfield



May 4th, 2020

Good Day My Friends,

​I would like to just take a moment to extend some healthy loving vibes to each of you this week. We are doing our best. RoadWarrior.PW has been keeping busy and keeps right on providing the best service in the Tampa area. In fact I have several openings as you read this. Contact me.

My road warrior services also include me as a personal driver. The road warrior that I am and business entrepreneur I am here to deliver and pick up anything that you require. Medical issues, groceries delivered to your door, even just a personal driver to drive you around for a bit to get out the house and take in some sights.

 Relieve some stress. I am always in keeping with the CDC requirements for social distancing and germ prevention.

I have been working in my spare time to offer you another great service I perform.

 I’d like to introduce it to you during this time we are all concerned with the economic strains it might be putting on your family. So I am ready to offer my experience and assistance with your Resumes.

 In the coming weeks the state will start to reopen, and some of you will not be returning to work and will need an updated resume. I am here to help with just that.

Below is the Feature Service of the Week


Are there loved ones in your home, or just you may know who is going to come out of this and wonder what to do next. Let me create an amazing resume that will surely get you noticed and lining up for an interview.

This also goes for neighbors, friends that you know that would benefit from having a new resume or simply update the existing one. You can always contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.

 We can do phone consults or video consults when building your resume. Let’s get some positivity going so this next phase will be productive and abundant for all us.

A big thank you to all of you who are following this blog and heading over to my website to book your appointments. I have slots available as you are reading this in the RoadWarrior.PW calendar and the RESUMEByDMG.BEST.

Thank you all for joining me today.

Make it a safe and joyful day. 





[email protected]

813 843 7720

Hello to all my readers,

It’s been a busy time for both you and me. My businesses are holding steady and growing stronger as we continue to open back up while getting used to the NEW normal. I want to thank you all for continuing to support ROADWARRIOR.PW and allowing me to fulfill your requests and errands. I will continue to take appointments and cater to my clients both old and new needs as we navigate these new waters of getting back to business. Our beaches, salons,restaurants, and other retail entities are in the process welcoming customers. I am ready to take you anywhere you need to go or want to go. It’s a brand new time and ROADWARRIOR.PW attitude is ready to work for you. 

Don’t Dust Off The Old Resume-Build a New One

My Resume Service is now OPEN.


(What your future employers will want to see)

Things and people are starting to move around and return to work. During the shelter-in-place order many of you were just furloughed and have a job to return to as it all opens. That is wonderful for all those people Wish them well.

I am here for all of you wonderful people who won’t be returning to work and are now looking for a new one. I am also here for those of you who contemplated over the couple of months on making some changes in your current work, perhaps a second career. In any of these circumstances I have each of you covered. RESUMESBYDMG.BEST  have years of experience in putting together a riveting resume that is sure to get you noticed. 

Building your resume will be like building a new you. Putting you at the front of line for potential hiring. I will take any old resume and bring it up to date making you look like a modern day professional. Ready to get to work. I work with all kinds of clients in many different job genres. Fortune 500 corporate bound, to independent 1099 contractors too.

Freelance clients like artists, musicians, writers, and other art creatives are also welcome. 

You can book an appointment through email ([email protected]) or just comment on the bottom of the page and will make sure to contact you. 

Notice to any highlighted key words when clicked will take you to the immediate link for that particular service.

Let’s get going and Make our big comeback TOGETHER!

Thanks for stopping by.

Dani Greenfield.